Q: Where do I find Cheerwine near me?

Use our interactive map to find Cheerwine in retailers and restaurants near you. Don’t find Cheerwine near you? We will gladly ship to you if Cheerwine is not available near you; to place an order, click here. Nationwide, all Cracker Barrel General Stores, Cost Plus World Market (beverage section) and The Fresh Market carry Cheerwine glass bottles.

Q: I want Cheerwine coupons!

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Q: Do you offer factory tours?

Unfortunately, not at this time, however we encourage you to take a trip to historic Salisbury, North Carolina, the hometown of Cheerwine for the past 100 years. The original Cheerwine building is on 300 East Council Street and great for a photo opp. You may visit us at our headquarters to place a drink or merchandise order Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM. We are located at 1413 Jake Alexander Blvd S., Salisbury, NC. We love to meet our fans!

Q: May I purchase Cheerwine from you directly?

You sure can! Two options: 1) Order through our website here to have it shipped to your home or a friend’s address. Or 2) Order and pick-up in-person Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM at our headquarters: 1413 Jake Alexander Blvd S., Salisbury, NC. You may also buy merchandise at our headquarters, too!

Q: How do I purchase Cheerwine glass bottles to serve at my wedding (or special event)?

Click here for ideas.

Q: Who do I speak with if I would like for Cheerwine to sponsor or donate to my organization or upcoming event?

We receive a lot of requests and ask that you please share the complete details with us so that we can review. Click here to complete our required form. Submit your form least three weeks before your need date to allow time for review and coordination.

Q: Someone contacted me regarding a car wrap or other promotion. How do I verify this communication is legitimate?

Our company is in no way affiliated with a car wrap promotion. Any current promotions or giveaways can be found here. Communication for any contest, promotion, or giveaway will come directly from Cheerwine or our marketing agency. If you are ever unsure if a Cheerwine promotion or communication is legitimate, please email or call our headquarters at 704.637.5881 to verify.


Q: What are the nutrition facts for Cheerwine?

Click here for the nutrition facts and ingredients for all of Cheerwine’s products.

Q: Does Cheerwine have caffeine?

Cheerwine and Cheerwine Zero Sugar have 3.94 mg/ounce of caffeine. Click here for the nutrition facts and ingredients for all of Cheerwine’s products.

Q: Where do I find Caffeine Free Diet Cheerwine?

Caffeine Free Diet Cheerwine is available in select areas of North Carolina. The best way to find a store near you is to call our main office (704) 637-5881.

Q: Is Cheerwine gluten free?

Yes, all varieties of Cheerwine are gluten free. Click here for the nutrition facts and ingredients.

Q: What does the code mean in black ink on the bottom of my Cheerwine can / neck of my Cheerwine bottle?

This is the production date or “made on” date. Click here and send us a note with the complete code and we will help translate for you.

Q: I have an issue with the Cheerwine I purchased. What do I do?

We are sorry you have had an unsatisfactory experience. Click here to send us a note with the product date code (found in black ink on the bottom of the can or on the neck of the bottle) and where it was purchased from. We will use this information to inform our quality control department.

Q: How do I get Cheerwine in my restaurant or venue?

Contact us here and a sales rep in your area will reply quickly.

Q: Does Cheerwine have alcohol?

No, Cheerwine does not contain alcohol or wine. The name Cheerwine comes from the soda’s burgundy red color and cherry taste.

Q: What is the difference between Diet Cheerwine and Cheerwine Zero Sugar?

Diet Cheerwine is now called Cheerwine Zero Sugar! We’ve been producing this delicious zero calorie soda for over 40 years. We use the popular Sucralose/Splenda blend sweetener that’s found in other zero-sugar soft drinks. It was time to update the name to match its zero sugar profile.


Q: I want Cheerwine merchandise! Where do I find it?

We have a variety of Cheerwine merchandise including free shipping items, available in our online store. Click here to order and have it shipped to you. There are also shops in Salisbury, NC that carry our merchandise.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we cannot ship outside of the United States. We unfortunately cannot ship to an APO.

Q: What is your online store exchange/return policy?

At this time, we do not accept exchanges or returns on any item purchased in our online store.

Q: How do I carry Cheerwine merchandise in my store?

Contact us here.


Q: Are you hiring? How do I apply for a job to work at Cheerwine?

We are always looking for cheerful talent. Click here to visit our job portal to see open jobs. Check back frequently for updates.

Q: I’m a student/recent grad. Do you offer internships?

We typically employ one intern per summer; the position is very competitive. If it is open now, you will find it listed here. If you are a student currently enrolled in one of the universities that has our Cheerwine Brand Ambassador campus sampling program, you will find it listed here. Please thoroughly review the qualification details for our student positions.